Kids Fitness

FIT KIDS Summer Program

It is our responsibility as parents to teach our kids how to take care of their bodies. “Fit Kids” Summer Program was designed 2 years ago to MOTIVATE and TEACH kids how exercising can be fun!  This program was designed for kids ages 8-12.  During the workouts the kids will run, jump, lift, twist and bend and move through challenging bootcamp style workouts.  Additionally we discuss proper form of squats, pushups and how to strengthen their core, which will benefit your child in all sports.  We also discuss the importance of water, how much to drink, when Gatorade or power drinks are appropriate and how important it is to maintain healthy eating habits.

Each class will focus on these 4 components:


This program is offered in the summertime.  If you are interested in signing your child up OR having me come to work with your child’s team please email me at