Be Still.

Motivated by More

Be Still.

Last year I had an injury that I struggled with for almost ten months.  It was frustrating, uncomfortable and time consuming.  I tried many things to heal my muscles and finally had great success in physical therapy. As a lover of fitness and athlete in my younger years, it was hard to adapt to moving in a different way.  Therapy was a very humbling experience.  I was used to doing sprints, burpees, kettle bell swings, and a variety of other exercises that required big, fast moves, yet I was told to pull back and try a new way.  It was during this season of life that God started speaking to me “Be Still”.

In the old testament, Psalm 46:10 says “Be still and know I am God.”  I dont know about you, but with all the demands of everyday life and in our fast paced world the phrase “BE STILL” makes me a little uncomfortable.  I mean it sounds lovely, but who has time to be still, and what does it actually mean?  While I like yoga, I much prefer running, burpees, timing myself with my workouts, etc…So, I decided I should try to understand this a little further, actually hoping it didnt mean to actually sit down and be quiet.  In my research I found the Hebrew definition which is to stop striving, to let go, surrender.  Ok not what I had hoped to hear.

You see, this injury occurred just as I launched Motivated by More, a fitness ministry I felt God nudged me to launch.  I was quite confused as to why God would call me to start a personal training and fitness business-ministry and yet I was not able to exercise.  It was hard.  Did I mention earlier how humbling therapy was?  UGH.  This whole process was humbling.  I wanted to move like I was used to moving.  Instead I would go to an hour of physical therapy 2-3 times/week and do small little exercises that were so hard I left feeling like jello, dripping with sweat.  I longed to exercise again pain free, so fought my desire to be good while at therapy and do what I wanted in my classes.  I decided it was time to listen to God (and my physical therapist) and I spent much of the fall being still.  In those few months I learned so much.  I began to learn to rest in God, seek Him more, and depend on Him to be my strength.

As I was leaving the YMCA today I was thinking of all the different styles of exercises we did in class, the variety of fitness levels and the modifications that were used.  I admit I still have to “check myself” on occasion as my competitive nature kicks in, and realize I am working out to get stronger and healthier, physically and spiritually.  Through my trail I have found a new appreciation for exercise and my body.

Then I started thinking about my experience physical therapy and how it is so similar to our relationship with God.  When I started therapy I wanted them to show me a solution to my problem.  I got frustrated that it took a lot longer to get better because I wanted a quick fix.  A solution NOW.  A program that said if you do this & that you will be all better.  It did not work like that.  I had to be intentional with my movement and make some changes.  Funny how our relationship with God is so similar.  We want & desire to be closer to Him.  Most of us would prefer to read a bible study or a 2-minute daily devotion, like a program, verses reading the bible because, well its hard and a little uncomfortable.

The work to get healthy is hard sometimes.  It sometimes requires us to BE STILL – quit striving & let go.  Appreciate what we CAN DO and be okay with it.  There is no quick fix with either.  We must be intentional with our time, our movement, our heart & minds.

I am grateful to God for a great Physical Therapist (the gals at Athetico are awesome)!  I am also grateful that He knew what I needed and made me slow down.  I am still working on this, but I can tell you the what I have learned is carrying me through every day!  Be Blessed!