MOTIVATED By MORE Holiday Challenge

Holiday Challenge

MOTIVATED By MORE Holiday Challenge

The holidays are quickly approaching!!  I don’t know about you, but the holidays to me are a wonderful, magical, and fun time of year. However in then past they also add extra stress, mile-long to do lists, busy schedules which result in less sleep, poor eating and little exercise. This year my goal is to do it differently. I heard a quote recently and it changed my heart.
“Keep my hustle holy.”
There is a lot of hustle in the holidays and I want to keep it holy. I want to relish in the moments with friends & family. I want to experience the awe of the season. I want more joy.  More peace.  I want to connect more with the meaning of Christmas.

The Challenge begins Sunday, November 5th and runs through December 17th. As soon as you sign up for the Challenge we will schedule a time for a weigh-in & measure session.  If you do not live near me we will schedule a 30 minute Zoom call to meet virtually “face to face” and go over your goals.

In the challenge, you will receive:
?Personalized workout plan
?Healthy recipes
?Accountability utilizing GroupMe app
?Daily devotions sent via email
?Weekly challenges
?Regular check-ins from me & access to me throughout the 6 weeks


At the conclusion of the challenge, you are encouraged to weigh-in with me between Dec. 15-17th. There will be refund of the cost of the challenge to the person who loses the highest percentage lost.

The cost of the Challenge is $75. You can pay using –

There are limited spots in this group so sign up quickly!


Spirit. Mind. Body.
Working to keep our hustle holy, our holidays holy, our temple holy.

Please join me! We start next week! There is room for you at the table!
If you are ready to commit, email me at & I will send you the steps to get started!

Peace. Love. Prayers.